Lillibullero or Lilliburlero is a British military tune, as you probably know. You can find its history in wiki or somewhere.

There are some different texts on this melody. This one is from “Good Advice to Bachelors” of 1692.


You that a fair maid's heart would obtain,
eagerly court and ogle and kiss,
whining and sighs are all but in vain,
courage does lead the way unto bliss.
Touse her, tempt her, hap at a venture,
though she cry, fie sir, pray you be gone.
Do but you try sir, she'll sooner die sir,
than you shall leave he wishing alone.

Dear feminists, please excuse and understand the 17th century was the savage wild male chauvinist pigs time. This text is put here just for it is translated to Esperanto at this site, you can see the translation. If you wish.

You can listen to the melody too:


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