The Ballad of the Green Beret  or  Hundred Warriors

The Ballad of The Green Beret was created in the late 1960s, by a sergeant of the Green Berets, the famous special forces of the US Army. For memory of his comrades died in Vietnam.

This song is popular in USA, there are many versions at youtube, even with slightly different text: not only of the Green Berets but mentioning of other American heroes too. The most variable seems the phrase explaining what the hero has died for: “for those oppressed” (by terrible communists) and so on. They can never say “he died defending his holy homeland”, because it always occurs far from the US border.

The soldiers shown in this video from 01:36 till 01:42 probably are not American but Russian or other post-Soviet (Belarus, Ukraine). Their colleagues standing nearby are wearing the specific eared-hats (“ushanka”) of the Soviet winter uniform.

Hundert Mann und ein Befehl – German song “Hundred men and one order”. With the same melody but the text is different:

“Hundred soldiers, and I am among them, why we are going through this burned foreign land? Nobody wants it, but the order makes us do. My girl cries awaiting for me. Shall I ever return to her?”

This song is popular. There are some versions at youtube.

There is an interesting German word vogelfrei in the text. Vogel means bird, and vogelfrei is not “free as a bird” but “free for birds”, the corpse of a died man not buried and thus available for crows, etc. Here it is metaphorical for “we are finished, we are lost”.

Сто бійців – Ukrainian song “Hundred warriors”. Created in 2015, when the Ukrainian Army and volunteer regiments were defending their country against the separatist rebel presumably supported by Russia (at least fact-with-no-doubt is that many Russian volunteers were fighting at the separatist side).

The text is based on the German song: “one order for hundred soldiers”, “we go through fire and stones”, “darling, do not cry, I'll return”, but the essence is quite opposite: “we must go, I'll offer my life for our Fatherland”.

There are some versions at youtube.

In Lithuania the yearly concert “Kartu iki pergalės” (“together to the victory”), to help struggling Ukraine, occurs at the year beginning, in January-February. In 2018 the Lithuanian translation of the Ukrainian song was presented there.

The image is from the concert announce-2017: Lithuanian delegates came to Ukraine with humanitarian help. The yellow-green-red is the flag of the Lithuanian Republic.

The Ballad's melody by
Enio Morricone & orchestra.