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  staryolsa.com/en/home.html  — 

“Stary Olsa” (“Old Olsa”, Olsa is a river name),
  Belarussian group perfoming medieval music

  www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Rr5UNfVFRHwJVy483R6lg  —  their youtube channel
  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stary_Olsa  —  briefly

  varttina.com  —  “Värttinä” (“Spindle”),  Finnish folk-group
  www.youtube.com/user/VarttinaOfficial  —  their youtube channel
  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Värttinä  —  briefly

  heninen.net/sattuma/english.htm  — 

“Sattuma” (“Chance” or “Occasion”),
  Karelian folk-group singing in Karelian,
  Finnish and Russian languages.

  They do not have a channel at youtube, but their songs are abundantly
  presented there, by different users.



  www.kenrockwell.com/tech.htm  —  Ken Rockwell's articles.

  www.imaging-resource.com  —  digital camera reviews.
  Here you cam compare different cameras' parameters.

  cameradecision.com  —  compare digital cameras.

  www.l-camera-forum.com  —  Leica forum.

  www.lomography.com  —  “photography's wildchild”.




      from “Esperanto Book”  – good review

  esperanto-usa.org/en  —     Esperanto-USA

  esperanto.org.uk  —     Esperanto Association of Britain


  www.latinitatis.com/latinitas/menu_gb.htm  —  World of live Latin

  linguaeterna.com/en  —  Lingua Aeterna




Rebirth of the Prussian language and eventually the people.




Livonian culture, language and history.




to collect information about conlangs, conworlds
and linguistic subjects in general.



  historicalgames.neocities.org  —  Historical games (Egypt, Greek, Roman, medieval...)

  portolanero.neocities.org  —  Portolan research (medieval nautical maps).

  larenlee.neocities.org  —  “Titanic”, concise story with rare illustrations.

  www.raatteenportti.fi/inenglish/9  —  “Raatteen Portti”, Winter War museum.

  heninen.net/english.htm  —  History of Karelia.


Other interest



Cottage of a Hedgewitch. If you are “on the Traditional Path of the Craft”, it might help you. If your native language is not English and you want to widen your lexicon, this site will be useful for you as well, due to its rich dictionary.

  sysadminday.com  —  System Administrator Appreciation Day

  talklikeapirate.com/wordpress  —  International Talk Like A Pirate Day

  www.venganza.org  —  Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


  www.bahai.org  —  The Bahá'í Faith

  www.thebrahmosamaj.net  —  The Brahmo Samaj

  www.welcomehome.org  —  Rainbow Family

Rainbow Gathering 2008 in Ukraine

from rainbow-wiki.ecoby.info (in Russian)