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  staryolsa.com/en/home.html  — 

“Stary Olsa” (“Old Olsa”, Olsa is a river name),
  Belarussian group perfoming medieval music

  www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Rr5UNfVFRHwJVy483R6lg  —  their youtube channel
  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stary_Olsa  —  briefly

  varttina.com  —  “Värttinä” (“Spindle”),  Finnish folk-group
  www.youtube.com/user/VarttinaOfficial  —  their youtube channel
  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Värttinä  —  briefly

  heninen.net/sattuma/english.htm  — 

“Sattuma” (“Chance” or “Occasion”),
  Karelian folk-group singing in Karelian,
  Finnish and Russian languages.

  They do not have a channel at youtube, but their songs are abundantly
  presented there, by different users.



  www.kenrockwell.com/tech.htm  —  Ken Rockwell's articles.

  www.imaging-resource.com  —  digital camera reviews.
  Here you cam compare different cameras' parameters.

  cameradecision.com  —  compare digital cameras.

  www.l-camera-forum.com  —  Leica forum.

  www.lomography.com  —  “photography's wildchild”.




      from “Esperanto Book”  – good review

  esperanto-usa.org/en  —     Esperanto-USA

  esperanto.org.uk  —     Esperanto Association of Britain


  www.latinitatis.com/latinitas/menu_gb.htm  —  World of live Latin

  linguaeterna.com/en  —  Lingua Aeterna




Rebirth of the Prussian language and eventually the people.




Livonian culture, language and history.




to collect information about conlangs, conworlds
and linguistic subjects in general.



  historicalgames.neocities.org  —  Historical games (Egypt, Greek, Roman, medieval...)

  portolanero.neocities.org  —  Portolan research (medieval nautical maps).

  larenlee.neocities.org  —  “Titanic”, concise story with rare illustrations.

  www.raatteenportti.fi/inenglish/9  —  “Raatteen Portti”, Winter War museum.

  heninen.net/english.htm  —  History of Karelia.


Other interest

  readingproject.neocities.org  —  “reviews of books from a variety of genres”

  sysadminday.com  —  System Administrator Appreciation Day

  talklikeapirate.com/wordpress  —  International Talk Like A Pirate Day

  www.venganza.org  —  Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


  www.bahai.org  —  The Bahá'í Faith

  www.thebrahmosamaj.net  —  The Brahmo Samaj

  www.welcomehome.org  —  Rainbow Family

Rainbow Gathering 2008 in Ukraine

from rainbow-wiki.ecoby.info (in Russian)